Test of Time photography website- A professional photography services company located in Nashua, NH operated by photographer and photo educator Dan Splaine. Commercial photography, corporate assignment photography, portraits, business photography, for marketing, public relations and advertisement. © 2011 Daniel J. Splaine 




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Photographers statement
"Photography is one of the most powerful communication tools ever invented. It has the power to move and motivate viewers in remarkable ways. My objective is to create original, high quality images that harness that power." 

-- Dan Splaine

Photographer & Photo Educator





TEST of TIME PHOTOGRAPHY and photographer Dan Splaine provides professional commercial  photography services to clients in New Hampshire, New England and nationally. Over thirty years of experience creating original photography that illustrates and communicates our client's story!

Test of Time Photography produces commercial photography for corporations, individuals, and institutional clients on location and in our studio facility in Nashua, NH. 


Business photography and corporate assignment photography for marketing, public relations, advertisement productions by photographer and photo educator Dan Splaine of Test of Time Photography in Nashua, New Hampshire - ©2010 Daniel J. Splaine

BUSINESS PHOTOGRAPHY EXPERTS - Corporate assignment photography for effective business communications and social media.

Providing commercial photography services for public relations, marketing and advertising shot on location and in the studio. Test of Time Photography produces business portraits, corporate event photography, Press release editorial photos, product photos, facility and architectural photography, and general corporate assignment photography.



Digital photography workshops in studio photography for photographers and models presented by photographer and photo educator Dan Splaine of Test of Time Photography in Nashua, NH. Our photo workshops and photographer tours throughout New Enfland and Internationally. - ©2009 Daniel J. Splaine

DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY EDUCATION - Digital photo workshops and tours that build  photographer skills and creative ability.

TEST of TIME Photography offers a full program of  digital photography workshops and photographer tours for adult photographers of all skill levels.The digital photography workshops include topic specific sessions, workshops in different photo locations as well as multiple session classes. Our photographer tours are held throughout New England and internationally.


Custom family portraits and weding photography by Dan Splaine of Test of Time Photography in Nashua, NH. Potrait sessions in our studio or at the client location.- ©2009 Daniel J. Splaine CUSTOM PORTRAITS and WEDDINGS - Family photography services creating original photography that you will love.

Photography services for individuals and families include custom family portraits and family event photography. Test of Time  photography specializes in photojournalistic style and destination wedding photography services.  Your custom portrait commissions are made in the studio or at the location you select.




Corporate assignment photography and industrial photography services in studio and in our client locations. Photographer Dan Splaine of Test of Time Photography in Nashua, NH has more than 30 years of location photography experience. - ©2009 Daniel J. Splaine


Photographer Daniel J. Splaine has more than 30 years experience as a working photographer and ten years as a digital photography educator. His photography is noted for it's originality ability to inspire the viewer. Please browse through the  website for a full decription of photography services and to view photography examples 


Test of Time Photography-Professional photography services for businesses, individuals and institutions


Photography that tells your story...